The Gingerbread Learning Center

  • Meeting the needs of challenged Preschool children since 1988
  • Diagnostic Evaluations and Therapy by Licensed Certified Professionals
  • Group or individual curriculums in your home, Preschool, or in our center
  • Two Convenient Locations in Staten Island, New York

Developmental Areas

  • Behavior and Socialization
  • Hearing Loss
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech and Language
  • Occupational Therapy



(Full or half day – 10 or 12 months) Services are provided in our school in a structured setting using a language-enriched developmental curriculum, which is individualized for each child.


Services are provided to the individual child; either at you home, Preschool,
or in one of our centers.


Services are provided at GingerCare with both Gingerbread’s and GingerCare’s staff utilizing an adapted version of GingerCare’s curriculum to meet the individual demands of our students.

Parent Support

Skills are taught to parents on an individual basis or in a group setting.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program

The Giingerbread Learning Center provides a wide range of services for children who are diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental disorder/Autism (PDD). We provide services utilizing principles of Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA).

Teaching methodologies include discrete trial format in an intensive, individualized instructional setting and incidental teaching.

Centerbased services include a group special instruction classroom. This setting affords the child the opportunity to generalize learned skills in a language enriched social setting. Children learn to function with other children during highly structured activities.

A multi-disciplinary data based program, is incorporated to foster a learning environment with a emphasis on meeting the needs of the child in multiple settings.

For Enrollment Information:

For more information and a tour of our centers, please call: 718-356-0008
The Gingerbread Learning Center
Meeting The Needs Of Challenged Preschool Children Since 1988
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