Structured Environment

The Gingerbread Learning Center is an environment designed to strengthen the developmental milestones that your child has difficulty with by building on those that have already been mastered.

This is accomplished in the classroom or in the home (depending on the specific needs of the child) with an experienced Master’s Level Certified Special Education Teacher.

Your child will be guided by individualized lessons, which are focused on his/her developmental challenges and supported by experienced Speech and Language Specialists, Behavior Counselors, Physical and Occupational Therapists.

Your Goals For Your Child

If you are committed to helping your child be successful when they are ready for school, but feel that there are developmental or physical obstacles in their path – then you and your child need the support of the Gingerbread Learning Center.

It is our goal at Gingerbread that your child function successfully in a regular classroom setting with the least amount of support. We accomplish this through our continuum of programs: Home-based and Center-based.

Gingerbread’s children are entitled to apply for *Early Drop-Off and *Extended Days.

*May Require a Fee

The Gingerbread Learning Center
Meeting The Needs Of Challenged Preschool Children Since 1988
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